Put Your Phone Away

Put Your Phone Away !

 Last night my wife and I were out for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. I couldn’t help but notice a young couple and their children settle at a table near ours. Mom and kids were dressed in summer attire and dad was still in his business clothes complete with white shirt and tie. The kids, ages two and six were well-behaved … but the dad wasn’t.

Dad sat there at the table, working his ‘smart phone’ pretty hard. Seemed to me he was looking at and responding to email while ignoring his wife and kids for about ten minutes – quite the multi-tasker. 

Dad isn’t the only person multi-tasking these days. Have you ever seen a television camera shot of the fans at a major league baseball game? There always seems to be a handful of people on their cell phones or testing, tweeting, emailing or something – maybe they’re playing a game?

We see these preoccupied multi-tasking people everywhere. While we’re driving, shopping, at movie theatres, walking down the street at social gatherings … seemingly everywhere! 

Maybe dad should put his phone away and engage in conversation with his family. Maybe he should listen to what they have to say and answer their questions instead of those from an email message that can probably wait until later that night or first thing in the morning.  

Put your phone away !!  Engage in conversation with those around you  – listen … watch the ballgame or the movie. If no one is around, take the time to think …yes to think … and to plan. There is too much ‘doing’ and not enough thinking or planning going on these days. Great leaders are masters of thinking and planning.

If you can be disciplined to put your phone away … others will follow your lead.


Randy Goruk develops business leaders through his coaching, training and professional speaking services. His book ‘Sparks – A Business Fable; Leadership Actions That Will Ignite Your Organization’ is available at www.SparksTheBook.com

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