Work-Life Balance Is Critical

untitledIf you’ve ever been to one of my leadership presentations, you probably heard me talk about the importance of work-life balance for leaders.

If you haven’t, but are interested in a copy of my work-life balance test, feel free to email me with ‘work -life balance’ in the subject line and I’ll be happy to send it to you.

I typically talk about the importance of a leader achieving a reasonable work-life balance for them so they are able to maintain a high level of personal productivity … we aren’t as productive at work as we need to be if we’re experiencing stress at home – and vice versa.

I also talk about the importance of the leader paying attention to the work-life balance of those that report to them for the same reason … and because leaders care !

When I think about it, I never bring up the impact exercise has on work-life balance … mainly because I’ve never thought about it until I read an interesting and helpful article on the topic – you can read it here.

My leadership tip for you this week is to read this article and share it with others. Begin to incorporate a regular amount of exercise in your weekly routine to extract the work-life balance benefits reported.

Additionally, follow these 5 – steps to work-life balance … it is my personal proven formula.

1. Decide what is good work-life balance for you – everyone is different.

2. Plan – maintain a calendar with both business and personal activities.

3. Communicate – make sure the family knows what’s going on at work and work knows what’s going on at home.

4. Adjust – make the necessary adjustments to achieve the desired balance (the hardest part).

5. Communicate some more.

Let me know if you need a little coaching to achieve your desired results.

I sincerely hope you achieve the quality of work-life balance that works for you … and that you are able to inspire those around you to achieve theirs.

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Don’t Forget The Value of Personal Goals

DSC_0001%20revised2This is the time of year many of us start our 2014 business planning.

We’re busy reflecting on the past year and wondering what went right, what went wrong and what can we do about improving our situation going forward. We’re also busy formulating new strategies and new goals.

All good and necessary for business, however, many of us fail to do the same thing for our personal lives.

We don’t place the same level of importance on setting personal goals as we do business goals.

I don’t know who said it, but I like it; “you work to live but don’t forget to live.”

My leadership tip this week is to remind you of the importance of enjoying your work and enjoying your life. Don’t let them get out of balance … particularly during the hectic pace of trying to finish this year while planning next year.

I suggest you begin to think about creating a few new and exciting goals for your personal life. They don’t have to be ‘material’ in nature … they can be ‘nature’ in nature.

Let me offer you 3 – suggestions to get you started:

Before the end of 2014, enjoy watching the sunset a minimum of 24 times.

Before the end of 2014, enjoy watching the sunrise a minimum of 24 times.

Before the end of 2014, enjoy watching the sunset from one or more of the best places in the USA to watch such an event – here is a list of where to go.

I heard a speaker at conference indicate a large number of people (around 90%) don’t set personal goals. If true, I’d recommend being in the minority on that one.

There is great value in personal goals. Leaders perform better when they have mastered the delicate balance between work and life … I’d like that for you.

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Mental Toughness Test

How is your mental toughness?

It’s a good time of the year to perform a mental toughness self-evaluation.

Every manager is faced regularly with a myriad of stressful situations. Their mental toughness in dealing with these situations is critical to the success of their organization and to the credibility of the manager.

Exceptional leaders remain level-headed in these situations. They learn to evaluate the situation, ask the right questions, and ultimately make the correct decisions. 

But how do you know if you are really mentally tough?  

  1. You know you are mentally tough when you are not distracted by any situation
  2. You can remain clear and objective during turmoil
  3. You have discipline of focus
  4. You are personally productive
  5. You constantly strive to eliminate time wasters in your life
  6. You stick to your plan
  7. You have excellent work-life balance
  8. You do not allow stress in your life
  9. You are confident
  10. You are consistent in your actions and decisions
  11. You can deal with conflict
  12. You follow the rules but know when it’s time to change them
  13. You don’t take things personal
  14. You don’t let situations you can’t control bother you

Ask yourself two questions;

1. Do I need to improve in any of these areas ? 
2. How can I get better in each of these areas?  

Randy Goruk develops business leaders through his coaching, training and professional speaking services. His book ‘Sparks – A Business Fable; Leadership Actions That Will Ignite Your Organization’ is available at

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Why Leadership Coaching ?

Many who are not familiar with professional coaching often wonder – why do I need a leadership coach ?

The simple answer is that a leadership coach can help you improve your leadership effectiveness. Here is a summary of some of the issues a leadership coach would work on with you;

Remove Obstacles to Success

* isolate weaknesses in basic and necessary skills – improve as appropriate

* isolate strengths in basic and necessary skills – learn to leverage

* benefit from the results of personal assessments

* Eliminate stress by achieving desired work – life balance

* Transform management tendencies to leadership skill sets

* Manage and monitor performance against goals

* Design and implement your individual development plan

Brainstorm Strategies

* Receive the benefits of  an experienced outside perspective

* Objectively challenge your assumptions and beliefs

* Review, suggest or help design action steps

* Provide support, encouragement, validation and confidence

Assess Career Direction

* Seek assistance with the design of a sound career path

* Gain insight into who you are and your true potential

* Paint a vision of what you can become or accomplish

* Considering transition into a different company in same industry, to a different industry, and / or to a retirement career

Ensure Career and Job Satisfaction

* Identify ways to minimize the future impact of unfulfilling work today

* Receive help in getting “unstuck” from a career going nowhere

If you’ve not worked with a professionally seasoned coach before, I’m willing to give you a complimentary coaching session to see how you like it or a long list of references – just drop me an email and let me know your preference –

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