Ten Success Rules

On occasion, I’ll pull out Herbert N. Casson’s Ten Success Rules and give myself a reality check. I thought I’d share them with you:

Put success before amusement.

Learn something every day.

Cut free from routine.

Concentrate on net profits.

Make your services known.

Never worry about trifles.

Shape your decisions quickly.

Acquire skill and technique.

Deserve loyalty and co-operation.

Value character above all.

One can always argue that there should be more (or fewer) success rules, but let’s work with these.

My leadership tip this week is to ask you to measure yourself against these ten rules and make any necessary adjustments in your leadership to comply fully.

Use the grading scale below. If your total score is below 50 points, you’ve got some work to do.

Strength of Mine – 5 points

I’m Above Average – 4 points

I’m Competent – 3 points

I’m Below Average – 2 points

I Need Some Work – 1 point

The one success rule that may give you a little trouble is ‘Make Your Services Known’.

For me, making your services known is about mentoring, coaching, advising, sharing experiences, being available, listening, supporting, encouraging, giving recognition, showing appreciation, directing and the list can go on.

As a leader, the only way to make these services known is by actively doing them … and doing them well.

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